On Saturday 29th of August 2009, WUMA organized a 'buka puasa' event. It was very succesful. Great turn out and the food were superb. Kudos to WUMA and those involved in helping to organized the events and the cooks.
Lots of people brought their homemade kuihs to share. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to sample most of the kuihs as I was busy chasing after Aliya. She loves the stairs!!

I brought along some cucur badak and burger malaysia. The cucur badak was my 1st attempt.

I have made burger malaysia before. I am sure there is a 'proper' recipe for the bun but I always used my donut recipe for the bun (not the one with shortening because that produces slightly different texture). Some of my friends had asked for the recipe. So I thought I will post it here


200g tepung roti (high protein flour)
20g gula
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu kecil dry yeast
140ml susu segar (or plain water + milk powder)
20g butter
minyak masak untuk menggoreng

I used my bread maker to knead the dough, then divided them into portions, then deep fried in hot oil.
I intended to make mini burger, so that more people can have the chance to sample it but I forgot that the dough will expand when fried, so my buns ended up rather huge! LOL

As for the sambal ikan bilis, this is how I normally make my sambal


Dried chilli -blend
Onions - Chopped
Udang kering -blend (agak2 la, sikit saja, dalam sesudu dua)
air asam jawa
garam/gula secukup rasa
ikan bilis

(note - I chopped my onions using my el cheapo kambrook hand mixer chopper attachment-I don't like to blend my onions nanti habis merecik2 bila nak tumis plus I like the texture of the chopped onions better (added bulk) and I don't use garlic in my sambal tumis)

Tumis chilli, onions and udang kering sampai betul2 garing, kemudian tambah air asam jawa, air jika perlu, masukkan ikan bilis dan garam + gula secukup rasa

Normally kalau makan dgn nasik lemak, I fry the ikan bilis separately, but for this purpose, I do not fry the ikan bilis

To assemble the burger:

Make a slit in the bun, jgn kasik putus if possible, letak hirisan timun, then letak sambal..



Gambar kredit to Fauzi who took the picture during the event

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